Diane Lynn Tibert

Lady bugs love aphids.

Because. That’s the simple answer, but I suppose the answer to why I began this blog is a wee more complex than that one word my children often offer as a reason.

Here are the basic questions with answers:

What will my blog be about?

My blog will be about my journey back to the basics. It will be about rediscovering the simplicity of nature, the thrill of getting my hands dirty, the satisfaction of growing my own vegetables, fruits and berries and the fun of raising chickens and other farm animals.

When will I post?

I will post every Tuesday and Friday . . . and whenever something exciting happens.

What experience do I have in gardening and livestock?

I’ve gardened for more than 25 years. I worked at a garden centre for two and a half years. I have grown many of the basic vegetables, fruits and berries at one time or another. Some years were more productive than others. I’ve raised chickens several times in my life, but haven’t had a flock for two years. The pigs, sheep, goats or any other animal will be a new learning experience.

What do I hope to raise this year?

Plants: potatoes, onions, strawberries, carrots, blueberries, raspberries, sunflowers, cucumbers, grapes and peas.

Animals: laying hens, pig and . . .

Why do I want to blog about all this?

I’m blogging because I love writing and photography. And I love sharing my stories and photographs with others. Also, watching things change and recording those changes fascinates me.

Happy Birthday, Dad. If you were alive, you’d be 89 years old today. Wow. Thanks for my first hen and my first wooden boat.


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