The Naming Game is On!

That’s so cool!




A miniature what?


That’s a little unusual.


Can I see it when it arrives?

These are the comments I’ve been getting this week since I started telling everyone we’re buying a miniature donkey. The jenny isn’t here, yet, but we’re learning lots about how to care for her.

Diane Lynn Tibert

Maysie with her sister’s nose over her back.

And the kids have been thinking of a new name for Maysie. My twelve-year-old son has suggested names like Ozzy, Ford, Raptor and a few names of his friends, but we’re not sold on any of those. My thirteen-year-old daughter suggested Jan, Cali and a few horse-type names. My eight-year-old prefers kitten names, but we don’t want to name the jenny Kittie, but maybe Fluffy will work.

My suggestions were more traditional: Buttercup, Daisy and Moonpie.

Everyone suggested we might simply call her Donkey pronouncing it as Shrek would. So I said we should call her Fiona.

However, yesterday, my daughter suggested another name: Magic. That would be her barn name (that’s a horse thing), and her show name (because she wants to show her at exhibitions) would be Magic Wildflower.

That name may stick. But I told everyone that we must first live with the jenny for a week before a name is chosen. Perhaps her personality will name her.

If not, I think we may go with Magic . . . Magic Moonpie. It will still remind us that she was born in May, the reason behind her original name of Maysie.


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