It’s official. The miniature donkey’s name is . . .

Before our miniature donkey came to live with us, we had numerous discussions on what to name her. The original owners of the jenny had called her Mayzie (or some spelling of that name) because she was born in the month of May. However, they had said, you can give her any name you want.

And, of course, we could because she was going to be all ours and since she was not yet a year old, she may not have been so attached to the name.

Miniature Donkey

The dilemma about names hasn’t bothered Mayzie.

So the kids had brainstormed and came up with a few unique names. From all the suggestions, we had settled on one: Magic. Or Magic Moonpie. Or Debbie (for all you Sponge Bob Fans). But I told them, we couldn’t officially name the jenny until she lived with us for a week. For all we knew a strong characteristic may have shone through and we may have wanted to call her by that: Thumper, Nipper, Rollie, Sniffy, Farty . . . you get the idea.

A week has now passed. It’s time to official name our female miniature donkey. The name is: Mayzie.

Miniature Donkey

Nope, not a CAT. It’s a miniature donkey named Mayzie.

Okay, so we failed miserably at being original, but the name just seemed to fit. An added bonus is that she answers to it. Of course, we may add a second name to that if my daughter decides to show her. Perhaps Mayzie Magic. Or Mayzie May.

Either way, our miniature donkey now has an official name. I hope we like it. We may be using it for the next 40 years.


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