Rain is a Good Thing

It’s raining. I’m not complaining. After more than a week of temperatures between 28 and 35, everything is too dry. Where grass was sparse to nonexistent, the soil had turned hard and cracked. The animals sought out the coolest, shadiest spots on the croft and stayed there during the hottest times of the day. I checked their water several times a day to make sure it hadn’t gone dry or was knocked over.


Muscovy and Indian Runner Ducks

Last week, the Muscovy ducks and the Indian Runner ducks rested in the shade, but today's rain is duck-weather.

The garden was another issue made more difficult with no hose. Each day I made about a dozen trips from the large sink in the basement to the garden, lugging a large watering can. Many of the plants were recently put in the ground and needed that bit of moisture for their roots to take hold. Today they are enjoying a free watering and I get a day off.


So let it rain for the day and let it fill our cisterns, wells, lakes and streams. We need the rain just as much as we need the sun.


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