Homesteaders in the Maritimes

A new homestead has settled in Nova Scotia and it’s open to everyone, including those only dreaming of their own hobby farm.

Maritime Homesteading Forum was created by Shawn of Greenman’s Hearth & Homestead blog. He is creating his own homestead on six acres in New Germany, NS. You can read about his journey and see a few pictures of his spread by visiting his blog.

Toggenburg donkey

Hey, did you hear? There's a new forum where we can get together online.

Shawn states on the opening page: Maritime Homesteading Forum is a place dedicated to the growing community of modern homesteaders, hobby farmers and small holding farmers. Or those simply interested in “how we do it”.

The forum is brand new, so there’s not much on it, yet, but as more folks join, I’m sure it will grow to be a valuable place to find and share information and stories. Stop by, register (it takes only a minute) and participate. You don’t have to live in one of the three Canadian Maritime provinces (Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick). It would be interesting to see how farmers farm around the globe.


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