Snow Day on the Croft

Several inches of flurries fell in Milford on Thursday. Still, it was a great day for being outside with the temperature hovering around minus two and no wind. The larger animals were in the pasture and the birds were all loose, enjoying the weather. Below are several pictures taken that day and the one which followed. Until about 4:00 pm on Friday, it was beautiful.

Buff Orpington chickens

Matilda and Roody Buff checking out the fresh snow.

Rooster Cogburn (Chantecler Rooster) taking shelter from the flurries.

Indian Runners Muscovey Ducks

Indian Runner and Muscovey ducks chilling out.

Miniature donkey Toggenburg goat

Malagash Mayzie and Rascal McTaz 'Taz' discussing the flurries.


Toggenburg Doe goat

Spirit of the Valley enjoying hay in the pasture.

Cotswold Sheep

Thistle and Isla, the Cotswold sheep exploring the snow. The first time they stepped foot in it.

Barn Cat

Fluffy checking out the pasture after visiting with the sheep.

Moon Meadow Croft

The pasture at Moon Meadow Croft covered with snow.



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