The Spirit and the Compost Bin

This blog should have been called Spirit meets the new pony, but when I put our Toggenburg doe in the pasture adjacent the Haflinger gelding, she almost completely ignored him and focussed on the green compost bin against the goat house.

I had planned to move the compost bin before putting her in the pasture then decided to leave it believing it wouldn’t be a problem. I was wrong.

Toggenburg doe

Spirit loved to leap onto the bin, but it was too slippery for her to find a secure footing. She slipped several times until she became wedge between the bin and the building. I turned off the camera to help her out, but I no sooner put the camera away and she was free, leaping off the bin and then on again.

Toggenburg doe

In the end, I decided to move the bin from her small pasture to ensure she didn’t hurt herself.

You can watch Spirit’s antics on YouTube.

Standing in the background watching the show is Malagash Mayzie (miniature donkey), Artistic Renegade (Haflinger pony) and Spirit’s mate, Rascal McTaz. Taz is only half interested in what his wild girlfriend in doing. He’s busy ramming his head into the board near the post.


2 thoughts on “The Spirit and the Compost Bin

  1. Hey Diane:

    Just a great video, boy Spirit is some active and curious and Taz LOL, he’s probably wishing he could be over there but since he can’t he’ll just butt that board off 🙂
    Everyone looks just super and Moon Meadow Croft is just growing by “leaps and bounds”!

    • Valerie, Spirit was quite spirited when she came to Moon Meadow. She still has lots of energy and is very curious. Yet, she’s an excellent doe. We don’t need a lead line to take her from one place to another. She walks beside us and follows wherever we go. She doesn’t have any bad habits unless you count sticking her head through fences and between rails to steal hay. We couldn’t have asked for a better doe.

      You’re probably right about Taz. He can’t be with Spirit, so he rams his head. lol. He was moved this week to a larger stall and he seems lost with all the room. He didn’t even finish his grain the first night. He made up for it the next day though.

      Thanks for visiting.

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