Sheep Shearing Day at Moon Meadow Croft

My two Cotswold sheep were sheared today. Both of them handled it with little fuss. They’re used to human contact, so it’s not as if they’re half wild. Each day they are patted, scratched and visited. Below are before and after pictures of sheep shearing day at Moon Meadow Croft.

Before pictures of our ewe, Isla, who turned one year old on March 21st.

Cotswold Ewe

Cotswold Ewe

After the shearing, Isla doesn’t look like the same sheep.

Cotswold Ewe sheared

Cotswold Ewe sheared

Before pictures of our ram, Thistle, who will turn one on April 13th.

Cotswold Ram

Cotswold Ram

After pictures of Thistle who stood in the doorway of the sheep shanty to watch his mate get a trim. Both sheep look much smaller without the wool. It’s as if they are running around naked.

Cotswold Ram sheared

Cotswold Ram sheared

Our shearer said the sheep will probably eat a little more in the coming days to replace the heat the wool had generated. That won’t be a problem since the sheep already eat as much as they want with a large hayrack in their stall. It will be interesting to see what they look like a month from now.


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