Natural Dewormers for Sheep and Goats

Mom began having babies in 1949. That August, with her first child suckling at her breast, the nurses at the Halifax Infirmary provided encouragement and advice on how to get the baby to latch on and drink efficiently. Mother’s milk was best.

Immediately after the birth of Mom’s second child in October 1950, the kind and considerate nurses had been replaced with women who believed mother’s milk was the worst thing a newborn could consume. They frowned at Mom as she breast-fed her baby. From her stories, I learnt they not only frowned, but made comments such as, you’re starving your baby.

Instead of providing encouragement, they gave cans of Carnation Evaporated milk and taught new mothers how to mix that concoction of concentrated cow’s milk, synthetic vitamins (sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3) and chemicals (disodium phosphate and carrageenan,) with white sugar to feed their babies with under-developed digestive systems and bowels. What nature can do, humans can do betterwas the new philosophy.

Toggenburg Doe Natural Dewormer

No, it's not Christmas. It's deworming day today (April 8th). The Toggenburg does loves the taste of fir.

Since 1950, everything imaginable – diabetes, obesity, heart disease, cancer, bowel disorders – have plagued the population of North America. One has to wonder if there is a connection between the concoction toted by the nurses and doctors as better than nature’s milk and the rising health problems of the past 40 years.

Today, we would never consider giving a newborn canned milk and sugar. We’ve learnt this is not good, in fact, it’s really bad. Mother’s milk is best for so many reasons. Nothing humans can fabricate in labs can match it.


I’ve come to think of this generation which holds this philosophy as the Them Against Nature group. Believing they know better, they go against nature which in the long run, creates more problems than it solves. They heavily use medication and vaccines which has caused new strands of viruses to become immune to medicine.

When I hear someone doing things that seem totally against nature’s way, I wonder, were they born between 1940 and 1960? Are they part of the Them Against Nature group? Or are they just following the instructions of someone born in that era?

At Moon Meadow Croft, I wish to walk with nature, let her take her course and see what wonders lie ahead. If something natural can replace medicine and vaccines, I’ll use it instead. So when it came to finding something to deworm my sheep and goats, I was happy to find other farmers have already discovered things like fir and spruce trees and pumpkins are natural dewormers.

Today, I secured the old Christmas tree to the fence pole between the sheep and goat pasture. All three animals can chew on the needles and bark freely. It took two minutes for the goat to discover the tree and start eating. I trimmed a few evergreen branches and hung them in the goat house for the buck to chew on.

This summer, I’ll grow pumpkins, garlic and turnips and share them with my sheep and goats not only because of the vitamins they provide, but because of their natural deworming properties.

To learn what other plants aid in dispelling worms, visit HERE.

Toggenburg Doe eating fir

Spirit, our Toggenburg doe, really loves the evergreen branches. What she doesn't know is she's creating an unfriendly environment in her belly for worms.


2 thoughts on “Natural Dewormers for Sheep and Goats

    • It works to a certain degree. However, we have found that we have to deworm twice a year because our goats go to exhibitions and goat shows. Eventually, I won’t be going to shows, and then once things are worm free, I’ll stick to natural dewormers and monitor the herd. We do fecals ourselves and will do them regularly when we are better set up. If we suspect more than what we can find, we take a fecal sample to the vet for a full analysis.

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