Our First Ribbon at an Exhibition

Moon Meadow CroftWe’ve been quite busy this summer, so there hasn’t been a lot of time to post. Still, I thought it would be nice to share the news from yesterday’s Goat Association of Nova Scotia Summer Classic (GANS) at the Nova Scotia Exhibition, Truro, Nova Scotia. It was our first time showing our animals.

Spirit of the Valley, our Toggenburg doe competed in the Unrecorded Dry Yearling. We haven’t had the chance to have a DNA test to learn or prove she’s a purebred, yet, so she’s classified as unrecorded.

We arrived at the Agridome at 10:00 am. Spirit was nervous with all the noise and strangers coming up to say hello, but she handled herself well. She’s not a biter, so any kids who came to visit were greeted with big, bright eyes and a sniff.

After about two hours, we believed, she wouldn’t escape her pen, and an hour later, she proved us wrong. The lady working the wool table grabbed her collar and led her back. We were only about 25 feet away, watching goat classes in the ring, so we didn’t see her jump out, but we were there to help put her back in her pen.

Spirit didn’t enter the ring until about 5:00 pm when my daughter used her in Junior Showmanship. That’s a class where the goat owner is judged, not the goat. My daughter placed third out of eight in her first-ever goat showmanship.

About 6:00 pm, Spirited entered the ring to be judged for body build. She placed second and automatically qualified for Grand Champion Class. From the judge’s comments, it appeared Spirit was almost second over-all, but not quite. In this class they award only first and second only.

We are looking forward to next year now, when we hope to have Spirits doe to show as well.


4 thoughts on “Our First Ribbon at an Exhibition

    • Thanks, Valerie. Now that Sam has done one show, she’s anxious to do more, and Charlie want’s to participate next year. If Spirit has a doe, they’ll both be able to show in the mother/daughter class (Spirit and her doe).

  1. Congratulations! Our girls are showing our goats for the first time in a couple weeks for 4H at the county fair. They’ve been doing so much work to get ready, and it certainly has been quite the learning experience!

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