Ice Candles

Ice Candles 03Although I had thought winter was going to arrive quickly and on time (according to our usual Nova Scotia winters), I was wrong. The cold snap that froze everything solid for a few weeks disappeared, leaving above zero temperatures. Yesterday we reach plus nine Celsius.

The past week or so has also brought a lot of rain. We’re back into a muddy situation.

During the cold snap, however, I decided to put the ice found in the water buckets in the morning to good use. In some cases, the entire outline of water was frozen, leaving a hollow space inside. I used running water to break a hole into the top, drained the water and carried the ‘ice bottle’ outside and placed it near our Christmas light display.

Ice Candles 01

In the evening, I dropped a lit tea candle inside, creating a natural light display. We managed to create only two before the temperature began to rise and melt our ice candles. When the cold weather returns, we’ll do this again. The kids get a real kick out of it (so do I).

Ice Candles 02

The candles stayed lit for three to four hours. The ice bottles are reusable as long as the weather doesn’t warm and melt them. The candle melts its way to the ground. I removed the small container and put the second candle in a new spot.


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