Going Out Like a Lion!

Sunrise5x5Nova Scotia Sunrise: 7:53; Sunset: 16:43

The Maritime provinces is currently being hammered with a large storm. The moisture falling from the sky is falling in various states, depending on where you live (on the coast, inland, low-lying areas, mountains).

We woke to about three inches of snow covering the ground and the white stuff still falling. A few hours after dawn, it was raining. A few hours later, it was snowing again. Then it rained. Freezing rain beat on the window for a while. Now it’s snowing. We live on what we like to call the ‘weather line’. We get a mixture of what is north and what is south of us. It’s difficult to predict by the forecast what we’ll eventually end up with.

Some places in Nova Scotia are getting buried in snow. Others are getting pelted by rain.

I say pelted because the storm also contains high winds. Blizzard warnings were in effect, but now we are under a heavy wind warning.

In the end, we’ll have snow on the ground, icy patches everywhere and cool temperatures because Environment Canada weather office says the low tonight is – 6 degrees Celsius.

The animals take this weather in stride. The goats don’t care and are out trying to dig things up or get into trouble. The sheep like to stay inside, but occasionally venture out to see what the doe is doing next door. The chickens don’t go far. In fact, they were happy to stay inside away from the snow.

The ducks, well, what can I say? They love standing in the rain regardless of the temperature. Although they could have retreated to their home to sit in hay, they roamed all over the yard, digging into the snow and slush.

Mayzie, the miniature donkey, tried to dig up the snow to graze, but eventually gave up and went back inside the barn to eat her hay. Whenever anyone walked by her pasture, she stuck her nose out or followed them along the fence to see what they were up to.

Our pony is at a local barn, being worked indoors. He’s adjusted quickly and now has a daily routine. Due to today’s weather however, he missed his training session because we couldn’t get there.

With all this active weather to end the year, I wonder…will January come in like a lamb?


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