Self-sufficiency: Learning One Step at a Time

Post01.5x5I love to learn. The only thing I find more rewarding is using the knowledge gathered in life.

The things I prefer to learn about are the basics skills such as…

How to make a one-match fire

How to identify a few edible native plants

How to grow potatoes, onions, cucumbers or other basic foods

How to construct a simple structure in the woods with few materials

How to cook a simple yet delicious meal

I’ve done all these things and more many times in my life. I look at these abilities as life skills. They give me confidence, independence and a feeling of self-sufficiency.


Although I know lots, I feel I need to learn more. I also feel I haven’t kept up with learning additional life skills…basic survival skills…not how to operate a computer or use the DVD player…they’re not life skills. I won’t die or suffer any great despair if I don’t know how to do those things. And they don’t save me money; they cost me money.

The things I want to learn or expand upon are skills such as…

How to create meals with limited supplies

How to make cleaning products

How to extend my growing season (in Nova Scotia, it’s short)

How to identify many edible plants native to my province

How to create energy and heat without electricity or fuel

How to grow things I’ve never before grown in my garden

How to reduce my dependence on retail outlets

There are many more things I’m interested in exploring, but that’s the quick list off the top of my head. Thinking about learning all these things at once is overwhelming. So I’m going to take it slow, learning a little each week. This blog is a way of sharing my experience, so if you’re like me—and want to take it slow—stay tuned.

My ultimate goal is to be as self-sufficient as I can in this modern day society.



4 thoughts on “Self-sufficiency: Learning One Step at a Time

    • As soon as I’m happy with the recipe, I’ll post it. I made another batch tonight, tweaking the original recipe a wee bit more to see if I can get a more liquid form. At the moment, I’m getting the consistency of pudding. It still works, but obviously we are used to the liquid dish soap, so I’ll try again.

      Thanks for visiting.

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