Wiggling your way to Compost

Adventures in Local Food

An enthusiastic group of gardeners attended a Vermicomposting Workshop in Parrsboro in early November, to learn the art of composting with red wiggler worms. The workshop, presented by Del Seto, of Side-By-Each Farm (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Side-By-Each-Farm/), demonstrated how to transform your kitchen waste into a nutrient-dense compost. Del’s passion for red wigglers was contagious and several workshop attendees are now anxious to start vermicomposting in their homes.

According to Del, it’s simple…All you need is:

(1) A home for the worms. The worm bin can either be a plastic container, or home-made from plywood, though she recommends the rubbermaid. A good size for a bin is about 50L. Aeration holes should be cut or drilled into the top of the bin and around the perimeter of the top.

(2) Bedding. Newspaper strips, cardboard (clean – without inks, tape, etc.), shredded fall leaves, chopped up straw, sawdust, or peat moss (moistened)…

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