Factory Goop

Adventures in Local Food

This is the first in a series of food labeling articles I plan on writing over the next few months, on “factory goop”…the stuff listed on ingredient labels that we have no clue as to what they are. Take the term “modified milk ingredients” for example…because milk may undergo a number of changes during processing, it cannot be called milk on the label anymore, therefore the term modified milk ingredients is used. That name can mean just about any product that was initially part of milk, including skim milk powder, milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates, casein, or whey protein.

It’s possible to make products such as cheese and ice cream using only modified milk
ingredients. If you think ice cream is necessarily made from cream, or even milk, you’d be wrong. In fact, most commercial ice cream on the market today is composed primarily of modified milk ingredients, which…

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