200 Hens Allowed in Nova Scotia

In the past small farms in Nova Scotia were permitted to own 100 hens for egg production. Earlier this month that was  increased to 200 hens per farm. This certainly is a step in the right direction for farmers who want to raise hens organically without a quota.

More on the quota and the increase of hens can be found on the CNW A PR Newswire Company page.

Buff Orpington chickens

Matilda and Roody Buff checking out the fresh snow.


2 thoughts on “200 Hens Allowed in Nova Scotia

    • I think this is just the start. In the coming years small organic farmers will be permitted to own more hens. One hundred really wasn’t a lot. I recall we had about 45 chickens at one point and because they were free range, it didn’t feel like a lot…until they started laying and then it was, gotta sell eggs!

      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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