Goat Hoof Trimming Day

Today was a balmy plus seven Celsius and sunny. We decided to trim goat hooves and check the overall health of our four Toggenburg goats (2 does; 2 bucks).

We secured them in the milk stand to keep them in position as we trimmed one hoof than the other.

Here’s Tazzy (Rascal McTaz) in the milk stand I built last summer. In spite of his large horns, he easily slips through the hole to be secured in place for us to work on him.

Goat Trimming Taz 01

Tazzy’s hooves are cleaned and trimmed, his eyes are checked for colour (they look great) and his body is checked for fat. Apparently Tazzy’s been eating well, and he’s a little fatty. The fat however keeps him warm on those cold winter nights.

Goat Trimming Taz and Me

All of this activity takes place under the watchful eye of our miniature donkey Mayzie.

Goat Trimming Mayzie

Taz in the small pasture, waiting for his treat of hay for being so good in the milking stand.

Goat Trimming Taz 02

Ellsworth, Spirit and Clover had their hooves trimmed and their bodies assessed before Taz, and now they watch him as he sneezes.

Goat Trimming Ellswroth, Spirit, Clover

Ellsworth, the son of Spirit and Taz, posing in the sun. He’s a friendly buckling who will turn one on March 14th.

Goat Trimming Ellsworth

To learn more about body scoring a goat, watch this YouTube video Body Condition Scoring for Goats.


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