No Turkey This Year

This is an open letter I’m delivering to the three local grocery stories where I normally shop for supplies.

Dear (Sobeys, Superstore, Co-op),

I will not be buying a turkey from you this year to roast for Thanksgiving. In fact, I also refuse to buy one to feast upon on Christmas Day. It’s not that I’ll be buying one from your competition; this year, I’ll do without the tradition bird on the table and eat something else.

The reason I will not purchase a turkey from your store or any other grocery store this year is because of the actions by the Nova Scotia Turkey Producers Marketing Board and the comments made by Keith Colwell, our Agricultural Minister, who threatened to make small farming illegal in the province.

You may be aware of a story making headlines across Nova Scotia in recent weeks. It involves small local farmers, self-sufficient families who care enough about their health to raise their own animals for consumption, small local meat processing operations and the turkey board.

Through poor judgement, the NS Turkey Producers Marketing Board have forced several small, well-established processing operations to close their doors, leaving many who raised turkey, chickens and ducks with nowhere to turn for processing. The individuals who operated these small businesses are at risk of losing their investments after years of providing a much desired community service.

Also at risk is a way of life that Nova Scotians have cherished for centuries: the ability to raise quality, drug-free, chemical-free, organic meat for their families. This puts our health at risk.

Colwell was recently interviewed by Sun News (; No Turkey Freedom). In that taped interview, Colwell expressed his desire to make it illegal for anyone in the general population who raises their own birds for their own consumption to slaughter those birds on their property. In essence, he is attempting to make farming illegal.

Colwell claims his only concern is for the safety of the individual consuming that meat. Frankly I’m offended he thinks I’m that stupid that I can’t learn how to properly kill and clean a bird when my family has hunted and fished for decades and know how to gut a deer and various other animals. Personally I’ve skinned and gutted many rabbit. In the more than seventy years my mother has been slaughtering and cleaning animals not once did any of my family get sick. Now Colwell tells me she is too stupid to do it right.

History has shown that no one makes the news by becoming ill or dying from animals they’ve slaughtered and eaten, yet, each year there are several reports of individuals becoming sick or dying from large, government inspected plants. And don’t get me started on recalls because of one bacteria or another. In other words, small operations are safer than larger, regulated facilities.

I hope you enjoy the extra turkeys left in the bunker after the holidays. One of them would have been on my table if not for the turkey board and Colwell’s insane methods of controlling the food I consume.


Diane Tibert, Milford, NS

Self-sufficient Homesteader

UPDATE: I have put together a page on my blog where I’ve posted a list of links regarding the turkey board issue in Nova Scotia. This is my attempt to keep all the news about this in order. I hope to keep it as updated as possible. If you see a link (news story) I missed, please let me know.

You can view the page here:


74 thoughts on “No Turkey This Year

    • This year I will have to opt for the same source since I didn’t raise any birds for slaughter this fall. This summer’s work schedule prevented me from doing so, but next year…I’ll have enough birds to keep me for the winter. Thanks for commenting, Marilyn.

      • This seems like a deliberate effort to destroy our ability to feed ourselves. Our young people are seriously compromised in this area now. This will destroy life in N.S. as we know it. What is happening? How do we stop it?

    • This isnt meant to be smart talk.. But maybe Nova Scotia Decision
      makers need to remember that the province of Sasketchewan is still looking for 50,000 new residents this year, bet ya they would let you farm!!!!

    • I agree I have never heard of someone getting sick from Deer, Moose, Bear, or Foul they killed for themselves. However I am sure Maple Leaf and others who have made many many people sick should be the ones that are looked at. Maybe there will be a larger uprising the next time a big meat producer kills or makes people sick.

  1. I agree with Diane, I am 73 and this has always been our way of life and all other farms around that I have known. never have see anyone in my family or others sick from eating our meat. this is terrible

  2. Kudos, Diane! I hope more consumers in this province will do the right thing and stand up for the values of a province that’s relied on agriculture for long before Colwell and the Turkey Board had anything to say about it.

    • And we will be here long after Colwell and the turkey board are gone. They should be encouraging the growth of small businesses, not shutting them down. And they wonder why people leave for the west. Well, I’m not going anywhere. Thanks for commenting, Sue.

  3. Clearly this Colwell person and the Turkey board are getting paid off by the large meat conglomerates. Absolutely disgraceful for our hard working local farms. I am so outraged by the sheer blasphemy of this. The only viable solution may be to bring in certified slaughterers onto the properties to process the animals. This is what is done by many organic farmers in QC, where I am from. Being a chef, we work hand in hand with our local farms offering them our full support and thus shunning these mass conglomerates. Praying hard for all your local farmers, their jobs are hard enough as it is. Hang in there! Keep fighting the fight! It’s so important!

  4. More and more people have to take a stand on this issue.Who better to provide for our families than us. Keep spreading the the word Diane,others will follow.I am just one more but we will add up.

    • I began this journey about three years ago, so it is still a work in progress. Being self-sufficient doesn’t happen overnight. It takes money and time. We started from nothing and now we have several outbuildings and pastures and a slew of animals. We’re still adding pasture space, so we can move the animals from one to the other after 30 days. We still need a few more outbuildings as the number of goats increase (we’ll have ten as of Wednesday; many more after kidding season in the spring) and the bird number increases (we now have 12 ducks, 13 chickens and four guinea fowl). In the past I’ve done meat birds and turkeys, but this year my work schedule left me very little time to do anything (ten hour days, five to seven days a week). Why did I work? Money obviously. I needed more money to expand the farm, but that meant a smaller garden and no birds raised for the freezer. Next summer I’ll raise birds for slaughter in the fall because I’ll be home more. Thanks for your comment, Julie.

  5. Also I would have one more point to make, if your slaughtering animals as A business why not be expected to meet the inspection expectations? My parents own a very small scale processing plant and they have put a lot of work into meeting provincial guidelines to allow their plant to remain inspected, why not this turkey processor?

  6. Oh gosh, I do so love my turkey!!!! You’re breaking my heart here. But I have to do what I have to do. No big lovely bird for me this year. I fully support your action and I think you’re right on every point. Thanks for educating me.

  7. Very well written it is shameful that a burracrate can make major decisions like that without the gov’t having to step in and take the flak for such a outragious action these small time burchers are cleaner than the big companies case in point lysteria never heard of small buchers with that prob no it is the self regulating large companies who keep feeding the gov’t money to keep their pockets lined. We need these people (the small farmers and meat cutters and small buisness) to keep this province running not large companies telling the gov’t how to run it so they can make even bigger profits.. So Calldwell what is next Hunters are you going to have us live catch our deer / moose and what ever else to have it needled and give it steriods this meat like free range meats are pure and better for you than that fake meat . I have done enough ranting and let other people have their say also . LONG LIVE FREE ENTERPRISE.

  8. The government is definitely getting a kick back from somewhere. We all know if they get their hands on the lords prayer what will happen. Great letter hope this is read by as many as possible. Sharing everyone should read this too know what is happening. Thank you

  9. I am simply enraged by the gov’t’s involvement and insertion into an ages-old practice!!! They’re NO better than the US gov’t. Growing up in small town Wisconsin, my dad bred, raised, raced, and yes, butchered, homing pigeons – in our BASEMENT – I used to help him. None of us ever got sick, even though the conditions weren’t spic and span, we were just fine. Just an idea, but maybe the solution is to go underground?

  10. Thanks for this Diane, well written, well said. If I can’t find a turkey that was raised on a local farm then I’ll be eating the chicken in my freezer that was.

    • Duncan, yes, I am fine with others delivering a similar version of my letter to their grocery store. They should modify it to their own situation, but I understand that many may not want to. That is fine too. Yes, I am fine with you posting the letter to the 50% Local Club group. Thank you. We need to let all of Nova Scotia know what is going on here.

  11. Thank you for sharing this, I agree completely and will join you in going turkey free. After sharing your post on my FB the word is spreading and this is the way to get the attention of the powers that make these crazy decision as they forget that we can band together and make them listen by withholding our money. At what point did they decide that a small business whose reputation was built on their cleanliness and good work was less reputable than their processing plants that are in the news for making people sick because the government, who makes these rules, does not properly fund the monitoring of said plants.

  12. I really respect the fact that you took the time to write this and are taking a stand, we Canadians need to do this more!!!!!! Regulations, restrictions, required licensing, and monitoring gives us no freedom. You are absolutely right more chance of getting sick from something processed in some government regulated plant/factory than from an individual trying to feed their family/friends. We need to take back our rights!!

  13. What the he– is our society coming to, to allow an elected official to make such decisions on our behalf. This is one that requires a referendum of sorts or at least a public inquiry.

  14. If a petition is started online, it can be printed off and sent to the Minister of Agriculture. I would be very happy to support small farmers in all forms. My family is from the Annapolis Valley where my uncle and grandfather farmed beef for years as well as their own supply of food. Please start a petition going…….besides, food grown on the farm has better taste! I know I signed on one to stop the destruction of feral cats at Dorchester and it worked! The inmates now care for those animals. No cull. If it can work there, it will work for the small farmer!!! Send me an email if you get one going…I’ll sign on!

    • It’s a national disgrace to let big business rule the day because government cannot and will not stand up for the little guy here.IThey always give in to those with the deepest pockets thus always keeping the poor very poor.People vote politicians in to help them,not to fleece them.I think Christine this is the way to go with this.All for ya!A petition is the way to go..

  15. You seem to be aiming your frustrations at the large grocery stores, when in fact, the majority of consumers are not able, for various reasons, to raise alot of their own food for consumption. Can your small farms supply the tens of thousands of turkeys, chickens, pork and other meats, not to mention produce items, that consumers flock to the stores to purchase? (I have seen and been part of the crowds of people rushing to the grocery stores for their holiday dinner fixings). I applaud your efforts to be self-sufficient, I certainly wish I was able to provide for my family in this way, but it is the government that should be the recipient of your comments, not the grocery stores. The retailers are just supplying to the demands of the consumer.

    • Actually the grocery stores need to hear it too. One reason you have to go to weekly farmers markets for good stuff is that the grocery stores won’t carry it. Sobeys used to carry Nova Scotia lamb. It quit last year because it could get it a few cents cheeper from New Zealand!

  16. Fantastic letter, Diane. So on what other products is our provincial government going to impose restrictions, bans or put a stranglehold in Nova Scotia?Unless it is introduced by a multi-million corporation our politicians don’t give us the time of day. By the way, does Keith Coldwell have a farming background?
    This letter should be submitted to the Chronicle Herald and all weekly papers throughout Nova Scotia.

  17. So glad you wrote this Diane! My nephew shared this with us on FB and we have shared it as well. We support this letter 100%. We need to stand up as a group and do the right thing. I grew up on a farm where we always raised our own chickens, pigs, cows etc. It is not easy but it is very rewarding and fruitful and “Healthy”! We know what our animals are eating! We have never ever gotten sick since we were children and grew up this way. We do “know” how to butcher, rabbits, goats, venison, pigs, chickens and so on… I also see on the gov. agr. site that they have an ad “Eat Local Eat Fresh”! We all need to contact our MLA’s and tell them that Colwell is “Way” out of line. If this continues where will it end? i.e. can’t have your own eggs, can’t butcher your own goats, can’t butcher your own venison? Taz looks super Diane and what a hansome Ellsworth he has issued (well not all by himself) 🙂 Your homestead looks super! and way to go on such great farming practices! Big hugs

  18. This issue is everything to do with food safety. In this day and age I can’t believe anyone would be comfortable purchasing meat from an unregulated plant. There are many operators out there big and small that are regulated and take extra steps to ensure they meet the safety requirements. My family owned a small Provincial plant, we took extra steps to ensure the product we produced was safe and it was verified by the Government Inspectors who are independent. I am not suggesting this plant should close but everything has to modernize eventually and why did they not want to become provincially inspected? They can do that and continue to operate.

    • Mark; I’ve raised (and slaughtered) ducks, geese, sheep, chickens, laying hens, meat rabbits, goats, and cows. I’ve milked goats and cows… drank their never-pasteurized milk… and NEVER suffered any ill effects from any of these… and NEVER had to issue a recall! Government inspection does not guarantee safety. You seem to suggest it does. It should be an option, not a requirement. Meat, eggs, and milk can all be dealt with by intelligent people who raise their animals with care and love, and slaughter them under much more humane conditions than in the big slaughter-houses, (who so often get in the news because of their failures). Not only that, the animals kept on small farms, produce a small amount of valuable fertilizer which normally gets used on that very same farm to grow vegetables of superior quality… superior to alternatives brought in from foreign countries… sometimes thousands of miles away. Supporting small farms in every way possible… is a NO-BRAINER! The government – and its “turkey buddies” – will back down. THEY MUST!

    • Get your head out of the sand and read the whole article. These regulations would prohibit anyone that raised their own birds from slaughtering them themselves too. This isn’t just about a third party slaughtering and/or selling to consumers, it is about the government dictating what one person can do for themselves. If this sticks, anyone that hunts or even has a few laying hens won’t be allowed to consume their own production. It’s ‘big brother’ government clearly backed by big business and has no business in the farmyards or homesteads of this province.

  19. It would appear that the NS Government is trying to make local businesses go the way of the dodo bird. This smacks of knuckling under to the big conglomerates who want ALL of the business here. If the Government wants to know why people are leaving the province in droves, it should take a long look at it’s policies regarding local businesses. I just moved back here (after spending about 35 yrs out west) and I’m starting to re-think my decision. Hardly any local business, no jobs, nothing for kids to do, nothing for seniors to do, people having to travel long distances for work …. etc. The local economies in this province need a boost instead of the Government taking away what little we now have left.

  20. Great letter! I would add that the turkeys in the supermarket aren’t fit for consumption anyway. If you can’t buy an organic, antibiotic-free, free-range turkey then you are better off not buying it all. This is true of all meat in my honest opinion. I do my best to buy from local or small farms who actually care about their animals and the humans who will consume them. I have been boycotting supermarket meat for this reason alone. What you and other small operations do is true farming and I admire and am grateful to anyone who can do it.

  21. I don’t see how slaughtering and preparing your own turkeys is any different from hunting and preparing your own deer, rabbit, duck, pheasant, moose, etc., etc..

  22. Although I agree with you completely, quoting sun news network does little for your credibility, that paticular video piece was edited to take it as much out of context as possible.

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  24. You are right on the money. I am from NB but my husband and I now live in Edmonton, AB. Just recently we started purchasing all our food from a company who sources local produce, meat, dairy, etc. We know which farms our food comes from and could drive there for a visit at any time. I love this and believe more people need to find ways of supporting their local farmers. It is not that much more expensive; in fact some items are cheaper than supermarket prices, but the freshness and superior flavour cannot be denied.

    • Gayle, my husband and I also live in Edmonton , could you share the company name you are getting your local food from ?

  25. I’ve heard of this situation but I’m not completely familiar with it.
    I have a question.
    If small farmers are not allowed to slaughter animals on their own property because they don’t have “proper facilities”, then how would this translate over to hunters?
    Are they saying that anyone that the government themselves granted a hunting license to, cannot in fact eat that that animal unless they bring it to a large processing plant? Or that they’re not allowed to slaughter it at all?
    This obviously makes no sense.
    Couldn’t the hunting laws be used as some sort of a precedent?
    Perhaps I’m missing something- I’ll be honest- I’ve only heard bits and pieces of the story in the news.
    I’m not very informed on the subject. But I’m pretty sure I know BS when I see it, and when the “little guy” is getting rail-roaded.
    And all this is coming from someone who doesn’t even eat meat.

  26. The government has been discouraging small farming for decades. These regulatory boards are run by the large plantation corporations and are given the power by the government to make the rules for small farmers who are producing products in a radically different way than the big factory producers. If you found out how those turkeys and chickens at the supermarket were raised, it might make you sick (and eating them has made people sick on many occasions.) The outright perversity of letting the factory producer layer regulation upon regulation on top of small, natural process using farmers, is just absolutely abominable. It is time people stopped letting these sorts of situations continue.

  27. So, hunting season is here. Should we take the rabbits, bears, deer and all the birds that are caught in the next two months to Mr. Colwell for cleaning?

  28. Diane,

    I feel your pain and appreciate the spirit of this letter. Although it is not getting any media attention, NS Health has also shut down my small jerky company Double Barrel Foods citing similar reasons (i.e. “In the best interest of public health blah blah blah”) despite not one case of illness amongst my clientele in the history of my company. This oppressive stance is a direct violation of our freedom as Canadians and I support any effort which earns attention for our mutual plights.

    -Clint, (former) small business owner

  29. Julie asked why the butcher in question does not get certified for turkeys. The inspection agency is telling him he must have a completely separate facility to butcher fowl. He’s a small business, he can’t afford that. He only does a small number of turkeys for local people who raise them for this time of year.

  30. Hi;
    I am a certified Organic farmer in N.B. and I found your article interesting as we have,for several years now,had to have our birds killed and processed in a provincially certified facility in order to sell them. Birds and animals, for our own use, are processed on farm as always over the past 33 years.The heath aspect,in our situation,makes sense,for our own protection if nothing else and we are comfortable with it.
    I don’t understand how the Turkey Marketing Board,could have any jurisdiction over this type of thing, wouldn’t it be a Health Dept. issue?
    These issues do make small farm enterprises difficult and we all need to be crystal clear how these regulations are introduced and enforced and most importantly why they are needed.
    I have never been a fan of marketing boards period,and in this case, suspicious of their involvement in an obvious health related issue.I suspect the board’s concern is control and competition related!
    Bottom line for us,If we sell it off farm, we want the customer to feel safe.For our own personal use,quite frankly, It’s no one’s business but ours.

  31. I actually thought this was going to be about compassion. But no, it’s still about slaughtering animals. I understand how small businesses have a right to an income, but don’t try and fight the government on this one. They will win. Unfortunely for all of you that consume meat, you will have to buy it from a grocery store. And if you really are concerned about your “health” as you state above, how about not eating any animals period. Your heart will thank you in many ways. No heart desease in your future, lower cholesterol, perfect blood sugars and most of all a heart with compassion for all animals. You should try it, it actually feels wonderful. A documentary to watch is called EARTHLINGS. Another is called COWSPIRACY. Another is called FORKES OVER KNIVES. CHINA STUDY is another great one. Open up your minds and get your head out of the sand. I know smaller farms are better, but growing vegetables and soy are the future. I’d try that next and see how it goes.
    I’m having a COMPATIONATE THANKSGIVING on Monday. That’s what I thought you were going to say.

    • Not everyone chooses to be a vegetarian. The bottom line is that the government is trying to control the food we grow for ourselves. First it was milk, now turkey and other birds. Next it might be your tomatoes, peas and radishes.

      Soy? Are you joking? Soy is not a true food, and the majority of it grown in the United States and Canada contains GMOs which is detrimental to the health of everyone. I try to avoid every food product containing soy. In many cases, it is needlessly there, but it’s cheap. I believe I am not the only one with my head in the sand.

  32. Omg I knew the stupid comment was coming. Inevitable coming from a farmer that slaughters animals. Are you going to tell me that cows are suppose to give us milk too? That the natural thing to do is take away their calves and give them a warm bottle? Or that the mom would kill her calf if left alone with her Baby? That taking a chickens eggs is also a natural thing to do because God put them on the earth for us to eat along with the Ducks and lambs and goats? Oh wait here’s another one. There is no protein in plants therefor we need to eat meat. That our planet doesn’t suffer from all the methane from farmed animals than all the cars, planes, trains and automobiles put together? That animals don’t have feelings? That’s it. They don’t feel pain. It’s got to be that one. Please don’t think my head is in the sand, because I’m far more educated in these facts than you will ever be. I know it’s your living, but nowhere did I read that you actually give a damn about your animals. I wonder if you have dogs or cats? Why not slaughter them too while you’re at it. Same thing don’t you think? Why treat one differently?
    About soy. Third world countries are starving because they grow soy and ship it to North America for cattle to eat. Isn’t that ridiculous? Children die by the millions to feed our animals. Most animals don’t have the luxury to graze like yours. I guess you can say you have “lucky” animals. Everywhere in the US and Canada you can find GMO free soy. I wouldn’t be so stupid to buy anything else. And if you did grow soy, you wouldn’t have to deal with what you’re dealing with now. Win win. If soy is so “detrimental” to our health I wonder why the folks in Asia are living such a long life and we are dying from heart desease left and right? Gosh it must be bad. Your soy and vegetables could actually feed your family and your community, and maybe neighboring farm animals. Heck might as we’ll grow hay too! Then you can say you’re doing it for your health. People don’t eat meat, drink milk, eat cheese and eggs for their health. Known fact. You will never convince me of that. So don’t try. And you are probably eating more GMO products than you know, because you don’t look like the type that cares about her health. Too bad.
    Thanks for actually posting my comment.

    • Claudie, thanks for stalking my pages. No my donkey and goats won’t be slaughtered. My donkey keeps away the coyotes and that lovely goat (which is a female by the way, not a male) gives about six litres of milk a day when she’s in her prime milking stage. Unlike some goat owners, we don’t take the kid away from the mother; she raises them and when they are a certain age, we begin milking for our own consumption. Your god didn’t give me my animals to care for, Mother Nature did, and humans have been milking and gathering eggs for centuries.

      You might want to take a second look at that soy. The rate was 90% GMO a few years ago and it continues to grow. So unless you are buying certified organic, you are eating GMO soy. Not everyone can afford that. Olive oil is much healthier for you.

      Did you know that if farmers started growing bull rushes they could feed the world? Yup, almost everything is edible on it, and the root is similar to a potato, but has more vitamins. But big corporate farms aren’t interested in feeding the world. They only want money. Bottom line.

      Have a great day, Claudia. And no, I’m not fond of dogs, but cats are okay. They help keep the mice population down.

  33. Thank you Diane for your blog. It’s quite an eye opener. You nailed everything regarding the fact that for centuries people were self-sufficient, grew their own vegetables and livestock. They didn’t need to be regulated then nor do people such as yourself, or anyone that decides to get away from the GMO foods that are being shoved down our throats, now. I buy local as much as I can. Good luck and enjoy your much healthier lifestyle.

  34. The progression from knowledge – based (basics of life) self sufficiency to ignorance and artificial dependency is moving fast enough. It should not be helped along or even be mandated by any authority, let alone our lawmakers.

    • You said it better than I could: self-sufficiency to ignorance and artificial dependency is moving fast forward.

      Yes. This is what I keep telling people: this false dependency will fail them in the near future, not distant future.

  35. I am so sick of the government supporting corporations, committees, marketing boards ect.. and discouraging people from raising there own food. People need to stand together and put a stop to our rights being slowly taken from us. I do not recall the last time I heard on the news that any local farmers/hobby farmers have had to recall tainted meats, but it seems like every week the large chain stores are recalling some type of “government inspected” foods. I have been raising livestock for my family for yeas and
    we are much more comfortable eating our food than the factory farmed food that is being sold in stores. Thankfully I am able to butcher my own livestock but I have relied on local small scale butchers in the past to do this for me and I feel that people should have this option available. What is the difference
    if someone harvests a deer and takes it to be processed? Why is that acceptable and no one is worried about government inspection? The reason is deer meat is not sold in the big box stores. It has nothing to do with safety.
    If we do not put a stop to this, what will be next? Maybe you will not be able to raise your own carrots because the carrot marketing board of Nova Scotia says that they are unsafe if not “government inspected”. Tomorrow I will be butchering
    my turkeys so that my family can enjoy a
    healthy Thanksgiving dinner. I hope there are many others that are doing the same. I will gladly sign any petition and support any group that encouraged people to stand up for their rights and grow food for their families. I know of many others that feel the same way.

  36. Fighting the big farms is a difficult job. Good for you for speaking out. BTW I don’t eat meat but think that smaller farms are more humane and offer a better life to the animals. Keep speaking out. BTW found you via your comment on the Sobeys FB page.

  37. That was such an excellent letter ‘No turkey this year’. It not only is the turkey/fowl industry but those who wish to grow any homegrown meats are nearly euchured across this entire country as the letter states. I wish this could be published in all newspapers for consumers to see. We are so dumb and complacent just to simply comply with all the ridiculous laws and red tape without some serious questions and implications directed to the so called, important experts who think they know what is best so that soon we will be backed into a corner of no return (if no already much to late) Soon everything will come from China or God only knows where … while we watch and wonder what happened. How sad a scenario is that ……. for this beautiful country that our pioneers and forefathers worked so tirelessly to estalish and preserve. SHAME ON US for being so stupid for letting this get to where things are today !!!!

  38. Awesome letter! Do share with the premier and your MLA. Boycotting factory farmed turkeys may be the only way to get the government and big business to listen. I love turkey but between the actions of the Turkey Board and what I’ve seen at I never want to eat a factory farmed bird again. This “regulatory board” is the definition of a “conflict of interest”. I likewise wrote a post about this topic on my blog a little while ago “Big Turkey – Is Nova Scotia’s Turkey Cartel Playing Foul With Small Producers?” thank goodness for social media I hope our politicians will come to their senses.

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