4-H Turkey Project Threatened

An article published in the Halifax Chronicle Herald on September 27, 2014 begins:

The provincial turkey board’s decision to peck away at little processors could threaten an agriculture program for budding entrepreneurs, says a 4-H leader.

About 33 young people are showing their turkeys, some of which will be auctioned off, at the 37th annual Nova Scotia 4-H Show this weekend in Bible Hill.

“This may be an historic auction because it may be the last one,” Betty Lou Scott, general leader of the Salt Springs 4-H Club, said in an interview Friday.

…to read the rest of the article click Turkey processing rules threaten 4-H program, leader says.

4-H is an organisation for youth who possess a strong interest in agriculture. They are our next generation of farmers. What does the future hold for them if Keith Colwell’s desire to make small farming illegal comes to pass?

Turkey Talk

Turkey Talk


3 thoughts on “4-H Turkey Project Threatened

  1. Hi;
    I am a certified Organic farmer in N.B. and I found your article interesting as we have,for several years now,had to have our birds killed and processed in a provincially certified facility in order to sell them. Birds and animals, for our own use, are processed on farm as always over the past 33 years.The heath aspect,in our situation,makes sense,for our own protection if nothing else and we are comfortable with it.
    I don’t understand how the Turkey Marketing Board,could have any jurisdiction over this type of thing, wouldn’t it be a Health Dept. issue?
    These issues do make small farm enterprises difficult and we all need to be crystal clear how these regulations are introduced and enforced and most importantly why they are needed.
    I have never been a fan of marketing boards period,and in this case, suspicious of their involvement in an obvious health related issue.I suspect the board’s concern is control and competition related!

  2. “About 33 young people are showing their turkeys, some of which will be auctioned off, at the 37th annual Nova Scotia 4-H Show this weekend in Bible Hill”.
    I’m so happy to see an end to this. Young people and children raised to show off any animal and then see it off to auction then slaughter should be banned. I don’t care how old your tradition is.
    If you gave a child an apple in one hand and a baby chick in the other and asked them which one they would eat.. 10 out of ten would eat the apple.

    • Claudie, these animals are raised to be food just like our great grandparents HAD to do. The showing at exhibitions doesn’t change the fact that they are meant to be food. These aren’t pets. The exhibitions give the 4H kids the chance to show how well they cared for their animals and how good they are at what they do. Exhibitions came about just like any other sport or competition. People doing ordinary jobs/activities being proud of how well they do something and getting together to show that. These kids are no different. Wouldn’t you want to know that your turkey was raised by a loving person who cared about the animal you would eat?

      We are a family that raises birds and my children know that our back yard is where our dinner comes from. They are right there for the hatching of the birds, they help feed, water, and clean up after the birds. They know everything about their animals and know and appreciate the work that goes into providing food for the family. They care for them and give them names, and when it’s time to slaughter them the children are right there with us giving thanks for the life given so that we can eat.

      I would much rather involve my children in the raising, caring for, and slaughtering of our backyard birds than drag them to a grocery store only to buy antibiotic and chemical pumped meats that were raised inhumanely in overcrowded dirty warehouses and slaughtered in unspeakable conditions at a mass processing plant and never know what they are really eating. And yes, I’ve seen these places with my own eyes and so have my children so I speak from experience.

      You are right about one thing though. No kid would decide to eat a chick (or poult as a baby turkey is called), but that argument is ridiculous and you know it. Give my kids apples and a turkey and they’d tell you to chop up the apple to put in in the stuffing when you roast the turkey…and they are only 5 and 7!

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