Spring – Is it Here?

If we look back to last year–and we in Nova Scotia don’t want to–we would see snow. Or perhaps if you lived on ground level, the only thing you saw was snow because it buried your windows. I’m just joking–that didn’t happen until mid-March.

On the last day of February 2015, we had only about two feet of snow in our yard. Several storms, one after the other created a thick layer of the white stuff. By the third week of March, after a few blizzards and heavy-snow storms, we had on average five feet of snow in our yard. We feared the donkeys would walk over the fences because the fences were buried. Here and there, the tops of some posts could be seen, but otherwise, they wouldn’t be seen until April 1st.

But let’s forget about that, and focus on today: Monday February 29, 2016 – It’s like we’ve switched hemispheres. There is snow only in little pockets, tucked beneath the shade of tall trees. It is sunny and the predicted temperature is plus 12 Celsius. Not only can I see the garden beneath the livingroom window this year, I can see the daffodils have poked their heads out of the soil.

I might be brazen enough to say, spring is here! But let’s just wait two more weeks.

Spring 2016 marks five years of living this crazy, unpredictable way of life I’ve come to call homesteading. I’m working on a review of these years to help plan for the future. When it’s ready, I’ll post it here.

Snow in our back yard the second week of April 2015. I can see fence poles.

Snow in our back yard the second week of April 2015. I can see fence poles.

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