REBLOG: Local farm contributes food and fun-filled learning

I recently had the pleasure of leading a food skills workshop with some lovely women at Autumn House in Amherst, NS. We got together to cook a lunch from scratch and while it may not sound too eventful, it was more than just spending a couple of hours together in the kitchen. It was a relaxing and intimate opportunity to make new connections and to discuss what food means to us.

We started this very informal food skills class by having tea and coffee while looking over the recipes, sharing our thoughts on what we liked and how to express creativity and personal preferences in the dishes we were going to prepare together. We decided on a work flow, duties, and time frame. And then, we got to it. We helped each other along the way, stirring, tasting, chopping, and adjusting flavours. All the while, we chatted and got to know each other a little better. That’s the best part about slow food – we not only get to eat something delicious, but we have time to have some fun in the kitchen! Preparing a meal from scratch allowed us the chance to be part of a team where we could collaborate and be creative. And in no time at all, we were sitting down to a fabulous meal of homemade carbonara sauce on fettucine noodles, followed by warm corn bread fresh out of the oven.

To read more and get a corn bread recipe, read Local farm contributes food and fun-filled learning.

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