Seedy Language: choosing the right seeds for your garden

Adventures in Local Food

Deciding between 2o types of Tomatoes can be a daunting task. Not only do I have to pick between a pages of tantalizing descriptions of different varieties but then theres the added task of deciding between Open Pollinated, Hybrid and Organic. What do those words even mean?! To answer these questions, we welcome Michelle Smith, board member of seeds of diversity. 

When the seed catalogues start coming, with their colour-saturated pictures of beautiful, perfect tomatoes, it is best to put away your credit card or cheque book for a while to consider the best seed choices for you and your garden.  For one thing, many people are confused about the difference between open-pollinated (OP) and hybrid seeds, or worry about inadvertently using genetically modified  (GM) seeds. Should they use organic seed? Does it make a difference? A little education goes a long way when deciding.

First, of the three ways to produce…

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