Fluffy was born March 25, 2011 at Elmsdale, NS. He came to Moonshire Meadow when he was six weeks old. He is officially own and was named by my youngest son. Before he was four months old, he had caught his first mouse. With this experience and large paws, he should be keep things under control around the barn. He also catches houseflies.

Unfortunately Fluffy has been missing since January 6, 2014. He was spotted in a nearby subdivision in March, but after a thorough search and posting “Wanted” posters, he was not found. We still hope he will return some day. He is well-experienced in field, was very fast and light on his feet and had a keen sense, so it is not impossible to believe he is still on the prowl.

Black Cat

Fluffy relaxing (about three months old).My youngest son and his kitten, Fluffy.

Barn Cat Black

My oldest son holding Fluffy near the Cotswold sheep pasture (Aug 7, 2011).


More as Fluffy grows.

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