Indian Runner Ducks

Indian Runner ducks

Where one Indian Runner goes, others will follow.

We have five Indian Runner ducklings at Moon Meadow Croft. They were born around May 13, 2011 at Riverview Birds, Upper Stewiacke, NS. They arrived at the croft on June 1, 2011. They spent the first week in the basement while their outside home was being prepared.

Indian Runners are very unique in the duck world. They don’t waddle like regular ducks, but run upright. They are the neatest things to see race across the grass. Like the Muscovy ducks, we have never fed them medicated feed because it is poisonous to them. They were fed chick starter krum until they were seven weeks old, then they were switched to chick grower krum.

Currently, the Indian Runners live with the Muscovy ducks in a small house (for warmth during the night) inside a six foot by four foot pen. They are let out early in the morning and roam all over the yard until about nine o’clock at night when they are locked up to protect them from predators. A picture of the pen is on the Muscovy page.

Indian Runner and Muscovy Ducks

The Indian Runners and the Muscovy ducks always stick together. That includes sharing the shade beneath the oak tree when it's really hot.

Meet our Indian Runner Ducks (named by my children)

Jiggles: She’s the smallest of the flock, so we believe she’s a duck (female). She’s also the only black-feathered bird in the flock and has a heart-shaped white spot on her breast.

Indian Runner Duck

My son holding his favourite duck, Jiggles.

Wiggles: The next smalled duck which may indicate she’s a female.

Indian Runner duck

Wiggles resting in the sun.

Speckles: He’s the biggest Indian Runner in our flock, so we think he’s a drake.

Slick: It’s a medium-sized duck, white.

Spots: It’s a medium-sized duck, white.

More will be added as the ducks grow.


8 thoughts on “Indian Runner Ducks

    • Yes, the runners and muscovys get along. There is the odd scrap, usually during the spring breeding time, but they’ve never hurt each other. My ducks stay in the same house at night. That said, all my ducks grew up together from ducklings, so they’ve known each other forever. I can’t say that two flocks of ducks brought together may not fight and have issues.

      I do recall shortly after we got the ducklings I read that muscovy could be nasty to humans after a year. I’ve never witnessed any aggressive behaviour by the ducks towards me or my children. Our ducks are now 2 1/2 years old.

    • Thanks for visiting, Janet. I wasn’t going to hatch out birds this year, but I heard a few other farmers who normally do were not getting eggs from their birds. So I set up an incubator. The eggs should hatch by the end of the month. I’ll let you know what I have then.

  1. Hi there just wondering where ur Indian runner came from? I am interested in expanding my flock and am having a very hard time finding anyone who breeds them. Any info that u have would be a great help!!!

    • I bought the original birds four years ago from a lady who is no longer selling them. The other person from whom I bought birds doesn’t have any this spring. If I learn of someone who has birds for sale, I will post it here.

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