Muscovy Ducks

We have five Muscovy Ducklings at Moon Meadow Croft. They were born around May 13, 2011 at Riverview Birds, Upper Stewiacke, NS. They arrived at the croft on May 19, 2011. They spent the first two weeks in the basement beneath a heat light, then were moved outside.

Muscovy ducks are great foragers. They eat flies, ants, ticks, snails and anything else that crawls around in the grass. To suppliment their food intake while they’re learning to forage, I feed them chicken grower krum, unmedicated. When they first arrived, they were fed chick starter, unmedicated. I can’t stress enough that the feed must NOT contain medication. The medication can poison ducks.

Currently, the Muscovy live with the Indian Runner ducks in a small house (for warmth during the night) inside a six foot by four foot pen. They are let out to roam the yard early in the morning and are locked up for their pretection from predators around nine in the evening.

Duck House

A simple cage and duck house which took about ten hours to build. It is moved every other week to new ground.

Meet Our Muscovy Ducks (named by my children) 

Nibbles: As his name states, he likes to nibble on your finger. It doesn’t hurt and the kids get a kick out of his nibbling.

Muscovy Duck

My son holding his duck, Nibbles.

Flippers: He’s the big guy with big feet. We’re pretty sure he’s a drake (male).

Muscovy Duck


Peaches: The fella is pretty big, too, so we suspect he might be a drake. His brown colours are very attractive.

Muscovy Duck


Giblets: A smaller version of Peaches. We suspect she’s a duck (female).

Nice Guy: This duck is very friendly and allows the kids to pet him, so they called him Nice Guy. Not sure if it’s a male or female.

Muscovy Duck

Nice Guy resting in the grass (almost 3 months old).

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