The first breed of chicken arriving at Moon Meadow Croft was Americauna. Various spellings exist for this breed, including Ameraucana and Americana. Right or wrong, all three spellings are spread across the Internet.

Our Americauna chicks arrived when they were about a week old, giving them a hatch date of about Marh 21, 2011. We bought them unsexed and were happy to find four hens and one rooster in the batch.

This breed is often mistakenly called the Easter Egg chicken because it lays greenish to bluish coloured eggs. That’s the Araucana chicken which lays blue eggs.

The first Americauna egg was gathered on August 24, 2011. The hens were about 22 weeks old. At first, they were as large as a bantam egg, but slowly grew to be a medium size.


Young Americauna rooster


2 thoughts on “Americauna

  1. Hi we are looking to purchase some chickens could you please let me know if you sell them or know anyone that does. Where are you located? I would like some colourful eggs for my daughter to collect.

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