Egg Production

This page contains links to tables revealing egg production on Moon Meadow Croft. I’m interested in learning the production rate of each breed of chicken.

Although there’s little to be done with the data at the moment — except tell me how many eggs I get on any given day — I hope that after a few years of data-keeping, I’ll see firsthand which chickens lay the most eggs, when each breed generally starts laying and the productivity of a breed during its life span.

All breeds of chicken are heritage except for one: the regular brown-laying hen. This was the first breed of chicken I ever owned. Back in the 1970s, we weren’t too concerned about heritage breeds; we wanted a friendly hen that layed eggs. Buck-buck, as she was called, was the best hen I ever owned. I decided to raise this breed again for the same reasons as back then. It’ll be interesting to see how these hens stack up against the heritage breeds. Of course, they were developed to produce eggs, so it’s no surprise they produce more. However, there are other things to consider.

Breeds of Hens on Moon Meadow Croft (and the general date they were hatched; last update November 8, 2011)

Americauna: Hatched March 21, 2011 (large greenish or bluish eggs: though large eggs were noted on websites I’ve read, I would consider these eggs to be medium.): 3 hens (we lost one hen in December 2011)

Brown Lay-Hens: Hatched April 24, 2011 (large brown eggs): 5 hens

Buff Orpington: Hatched June 8, 2011 (large light brown eggs): 1 hen

Chantecler: Hatched June 9, 2011 (brown; though I found brown egss listed on several websites, our eggs are cream coloured.): 5 hens

Rhode Island Red: Hatched July 22, 2011 (large brown eggs): 1 hen

Light Braham Standard: Hatched July 24, 2011 (medium brown eggs): 2 hen

Production Charts

Total Number of Eggs to Date (November 30, 2011): 440

August 2011 (Laying: Americauna): 7 eggs

September 2011 (Laying: Americauna, Brown-Laying): 107 eggs

October 2011 (Laying: Americauna, Brown-Laying): 159 eggs

November 2011 – (Laying: Americauna, Brown-Laying, Chantecler):  167 eggs

December 2011 – Posted in January 2012

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