blackmore-jenni-permaculturePermaculture – for the rest of us

Abundant Living on Less Than an Acre

by Jenni Blackmore

I met Jenni Blackmore in late summer 2015 at the Musquodoboit Farmer’s Market in Musquodoboit Harbour, NS. She had a vendor’s table next to mine. I was selling my homemade goat milk soap and novels I’ve published (several of which I had written), and she was selling, amongst other things, copies of her book, “Permaculture – for the rest of us” –  Abundant Living on Less Than an Acre.

As a long-time gardener who began learning about building a food forest and permaculture only a few years ago, Blackmore’s book intrigued me.

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McMudd_C_Throw_Away_Kitten-Smashwords JPEGThrow Away Kitten

by Candy McMudd

Charlie McBean has always dreamt of a kitten of his own, but he’s already ten and doesn’t have one. His family moves from the city to an old farm house where he discovers a box of kittens left in his neighbour’s yard.

When his neighbour says he’ll take the throw-away kittens to the shelter, Charlie and his sister Cavell volunteer to find homes for them. As potential owners start to arrive to see the kittens, Charlie worries his plan of keeping one for himself will fail.

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Chapters Indigo

Chicken Humour

Fowl Summer NightFowl Summer Nights

by Diane Lynn McGyver

Take a drive down Shamo Drive and see Mrs. Vorwerk at her mailbox. If you stop to talk with the decrepit widow, look out for flying teeth. A little further down the road is Angus Mills. He’s your typical widower with a backyard pool, rose bush and a love for spying on old women.

Squished between these two experienced elderly pensioners is Mildred Fowler. Unlike her neighbours, Mildred hasn’t yet mastered the art of being a retired widow. Given her spunk and passion for life however, she’s bound to stir up a little trouble in the community of Welsummer when armed with the proper determination.

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Chapters Indigo

Adult Romance

DLMcGyver-Pockets of WildflowersPockets of Wildflowers

by Diane Lynn McGyver

Heritage agriculturalist Olivia Luttlegrove still mourns the tragic loss of her parents. She has created a haven on the farm that’s been in her family for generations to aid in the healing.

John is a drifter who arrives in Scarinish with a secret and a mysterious past. When Olivia hires him as a farmhand, the passion ignites.

Love blossoms, but Olivia’s independent ways and John’s reluctance to share his secrets threaten their future together. Outside forces wreak havoc on their private sanctuary, and the past rushes in. Can they accept the truth? Or will their love be lost forever?

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Chapters Indigo