Welcome to Moonshire Meadow


Here at Moonshire Meadow, we strive for self-sufficiency. We know it’s impossible to be completely self-sufficient, but that doesn’t mean we can’t produce many of the foods we eat. We’ll always have to buy flour, sugar, salt, oats and similar food items, but it’s quite possible for us to produce all the eggs, onions, carrots, berries, beans, peas, milk and similar items we consume. It will only take time, knowledge, experience and a lot of work.

We don’t operate a farm at Moonshire Meadow. That may indicate we produce with the idea of selling, and that we do things as modern-day farmers do. We don’t. We produce things for us only, and we calculate our needs to not waste resources in growing more than we need. If there is excess, we distribute it amongst family members. We do not do as the modern farmer does. We strive to work with nature, not against her, and as such, we practise the philosophy of permaculture.

So, much like my ancestors who settled in Canada in the 1700s and 1800s, we are homesteaders.

At Moonshire Meadow we have a miniature donkey, a standard donkey, Toggenburg goats, ducks, chickens, a rabbit and a barn cat.

When I’m not homesteading, I’m hiking, canoeing, drawing, creating things out of wood, reading and writing. Learn more about my books on my writing blog and about my weekly genealogy column on my Roots to the Past site.

Diane McGyver

…in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada


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